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Our Work

Since December of 2019, our team has been involved in substantive operational and logistical capacities with various grassroots community-led coalitions and nonprofit organizations that serve unhoused communities. These collaborations and partnerships are how we build community and maximize impact.


Francis Drake Hotel 

In collaboration with The Red Cross and several amazing community organizers, 250 individuals and families who were displaced from the Francis Drake Hotel fire were able to secure housing and other resources.

Safe Haven Encampment

From June - October 2020, in collaboration with OA Strategy Solutions, ZACAH, neighborhood residents, and youth volunteers, 30+ women were able to find permanent housing.

Hotel Door Lock

ZACAH Collaboration

Between October 2020 and February 2021, we were honored to be a part of ZACAH's hotel-to-housing pilot program. This program operated outside of the coordinated entry system resulting in housing over 100 individuals and families.

What's Next

With Covid-19 no longer an imminent threat and the eviction moratorium expired, lives and livelihoods are at risk more than ever. Our primary objectives in 2023 are to remove financially restrictive housing barriers for 25 families and continue developing our long-term housing initiative for unhoused Black, Muslim, and Native single parents in Minneapolis. 

Working from Home
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